Our Mission

Beth Bristow and her team of expert tutors are Atlanta's premier source for Academic Coaching, Test Prep and College Planning. All sessions are both interactive and motivational in nature, with the underlying goal of building self-confidence in students while making learning fun.

Our Team




Director Tier:
Academic Coach & Test Prep Specialist



Educational Consultant


Assistant Director


Associate Director

Director Tier:
Academic Coach & Test Prep Specialist



Accounting Director

Director Tier:
Academic Coach & Test Prep Specialist

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Madison Kelley

Learning Center Coordinator

Haley Eckert

Learning Center Coordinator

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Chief Wellness Officer

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Chief Wellness Officer

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Join Our Team

We are currently hiring! If you are interested in joining our dynamic group of professionals, please email your resume to schedule@bethbristow.com and include a cover letter that details which role you are applying for, your qualifications, in addition to the contact information of three references.

**Please note the owner brings her dogs into the learning center daily.**

Tutors Needed

Exciting part-time or full-time opportunity! Lively, outgoing tutors are needed to help students of all ages on a one-on-one basis in the areas of science, math, history, English, foreign languages, and standardized tests, such as the SSAT, SAT, and ACT.

In addition to the items requested immediately under "Join Our Team" above, please include the following in your cover letter:

  • A quick summary of why you would like to be a tutor

  • A quick description of any previous experience you have had working with students

  • What subjects and/or standardized tests you would be able to teach on a one-on-one basis at an expert level without advanced knowledge of what specific content will be reviewed during a session

  • Your personal standardized test scores (AP, SAT, ACT, etc)

  • Your regular availability for the school year